Our vision

The brand Afenomenon Digisign Suite™ is poised as a rising 21st century communication design power corridor. In a rapidly changing world, we have strategically prepared ourselves by building a cutting-edge design force creatively severing across global boundaries and meeting the ever progressing requirements and expectations of our clients. Our intent is to bring people and design closer together. At Afenomenon™ we are proudly dedicated to excellence, creativity and efficiency. Our experience stretches across design projects for numerous reputable entities in major metropolitan regions in Nigeria. 

Afenomenon™ also deals with special clients in design oriented projects located in Canada, UK, Sount-East Asia and across the African continent. Currently, our clientele include commercial, education, corporate, showbiz/entertainment, and religion. 

Our Team

Our team is built around creative minds with demonstrated creative competencies to meet all challenges of a dynamic and complex communication design industry. With our team, a finished project of uncompromised quality is the only accepted end-result of our creative efforts. Besides the design elements utilised, we are always exploring our creative potential rendering every piece of design from the very first stroke to finish with a touch of our artistic authenticity.  

our services

Afenomenon delivers innovative branding and design related services which covers everything for the successful completion of a design project. Amongst other design elements, these services are provided with a dedication to proven service, ingenuity and to be a valued business partner on every project we design. Our continued pledge is to execute our clients' projects with integrity, creativity and excellence.  

Our Culture

The Afenomenon™ Corporate culture is to provide superior creative services to a select group of professionals. Our resolve is to provide ingenious designs services which exceed our clients' expectations. We are constantly working to make the Afenonmenon™ vision a daily reality. Creativity and passion to go the extra mile is our drive. 

Axiom + Action = Afenomenon

The very kernel of our brand is built on this blueprint and has afforded us the opportunity to forster client relationships and enjoy repeat business with numerous corporations. It impels us to treat every project intrinsically and exclusively. We are here to synergize with you and will continue to do our utmost to give your business the brand identity it deserves. Designing for you is our next BIG DEAL! Isn't it the set time to pile in your imaginations? There's creative room for that and lots more!


Certificate of incorporation


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